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Archive for August 20th, 2009

Understanding Pet Bird Care

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Birds kept as pets should have the proper treatment for it to live healthy. Lots of things are to be considered upon deciding to have birds as pets. Choosing the right type of bird for you is crucial and the type of environment you ought to build for the animal is also important.The first thing to consider about caring for birds would be its proper nutrition. In the wild, birds feed on nectar, insects, leaves and other available food that is fit for their kind.Birds in cages should be fed with a balance of commercial and natural diet. Bird seeds are most ideal for supplement and intake. Water is also important.

It is recommended that the largest cage that can be accommodated by the house should be chosen. The cage must be durable enough to tolerate damage which will be done by the bird. It should not have toxic components because the bird will be sure to gnaw on the rails. The cage, if possible should be wider than higher to promote wing stretching. Perches should also be pesticide free. Commercial perches made of wood are ideal. A perch’s main function is to keep the bird away from their droppings, their tails from the water and other hygiene related issues to keep the bird healthy.

Food bowls should be wide and shallow rather than the deep and small cups. This type of food container makes the bird see what it will be eating and there are greater chances of it being attracted to the sight of food which may be beneficial to its health. Newspapers, paper towels and plain cage liners should be used rather than wood chips or sand so that the droppings will be seen for monitoring and health purposes. A screen should separate the bird from the liners to prevent it from contamination. Daily cleaning routine of the bird cage and its accessories should be done to avoid food spoilage and disease.

The Gifts For Your Pets

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Pet owners are not likely to spend more money on the gifts for their pets than they would for a human family member, but the gifts for pets may be more plentiful. The gifts for pets in a pet store might be more expensive than those found at a dollar store. Some exotic pets can only accept gifts that come from an exotic pets gift store and these items can have a large price tag attached to them and will only be purchased once in the lifetime of the pet.

One of the best gifts that pet owners can give their pet is a electronic tracking device chip. Any pet can be fitted with the microchip when they visit a veterinarian, and many human societies have provided this electronic tracking device as a way of thanking pet owners when they adopted a pet from one of their rescue centers. These tracking devices can prove to be vital tool to homeowners when a pet strays away from home, and the kisses that are given by the pet when the owner is reunited with them is the greatest gift any pet can give their owners.

A small sized dog would love to receive gifts that are just their size. A donut-styled doggie bed would be the perfect place to rest and serve as an outlet for the pet owner to exhibit a little style. These small-sized doggie beds are the ultimate bedding gift that will warm the pet’s heart throughout the year because they can be packed up easily and give the dog a home away from home that is familiar and very comfortable too. The jazzy colors and fabrics for doggie beds make them a fashion accessory that any pampered pup will cherish.

The gifts for pets can extend to stocking stuffers that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Pet owners can be very liberal in the amount of delicious treats that they buy because many of them come in single serve pouches that keep them fresh for a long time. A dog will love pet gifts that make their taste buds zing like zesty kibbles that taste like pepperoni or a flavorful brisket of beef. A cat would enjoy gifts that take away the itch of fleas, and the holidays would be the perfect time for new collars and a scheduled visit at the veterinarian for an annual tooth cleaning.

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