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Bird Watching More Popular Than Snowmobiling

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Bird houses, or nesting boxes, as many people refer to them, are built for many reasons. The primary reason, of course, is to provide a home for many bird species. But, many people view them as art pieces as well. In fact, you’ll find many bird houses treated as art sculptures in many living and dining rooms across the nation. But another reason that many people build bird houses, especially crafty people, is that they simply enjoy the act of building them.

For example, prior to the practice of raising chickens and hens in pens as a food source, some societies built their early versions of bird structures to attract birds to their area. Then as the birds matured, the homeowners would regularly poach the bird houses and consume the birds as food. This doesn’t happen so much these days as the modern homeowner feels more comfortable in harvesting their birds (such as chicken, duck, turkey) from the local grocery store instead of an outdoor nesting area.

But birds have not only been used to feed us. From of earliest days of farming, they have been use as our allies as well. One of the primary food sources for birds are insects. Very early on, in the pre-pesticides era, farmers discovered that attracting birds that were the natural prey of many of the insects feeding off of their crops was a good way of protecting their foods. And even today, farmers who are intent on growing organic vegetables and fruits will often attract birds to their orchards and groves to control insect pests.

Birds and mankind have a long history of co-existing. Amateur naturalists have recorded the habits and adventures of their favorite local birds in their diaries since the earliest forms of drawing and writing. And this fascination with birds shows no signs of diminishing. Even today, bird watching or birding is one of the biggest hobbies in the United States. Over the course of a year, more people will be involved with bird watching activities than will be golfing, snowmobiling, or even sunbathing.

Soundproofing a Bird Cage

Friday, December 11th, 2009

While birds are very fun creatures to have as pets, their loudness, especially in the early morning can make any family go crazy. There is nothing more annoying than a clan of birds squawking and singing at the break of dawn every single day. Something called Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are supposed to be the cure for making bird cages completely sound proof.

It is recommended to place your cage in the corner of a room, preferably near a window. Cover the surrounding walls with some type of heavy duty, soundproof blanket. What this does is prevent the walls from reflecting and transmitting the sound. Basically, it prevents the corner from acting as a sound amplifier.

Carefully attach another soundproof blanket or sheet to the back and to the sides of your bird cage. This works to absorb any sound radiating from the covered sides of the walls. Place one or more heavy duty blankets over the room’s door. This will obviously eliminate the amount of noise you hear from the outside. This will help out a lot, especially if you are in a house or share an apartment.

And that is how to effectively soundproof your bird cages. Try it at home and remember to test out the absorption sheets prior to exposing them to your birds. Birds are born as social creatures so it’s important that you don’t completely isolate them. Leave some room for breathing! When it comes to pet birds they’re so adorable but extremely loud. If you don’t want to let your birds go too soon then hurry up and find a way to completely sound proof your bird cages.

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