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Nutrition and Food For Your Cat

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

As a cat ages, it becomes more prone to disease and health problems. Supervise a senior cat’s diet and modify it as and when required; this can improve its overall health. However, there is no standard when it comes to feeding geriatric cats. There are a number of factors you may have to consider while deciding what to feed a geriatric cat. Here’s a look.


As a cat ages, its bodily response towards taste deteriorates. This is the primary reason why a geriatric cat might not find a particular food tasty, even if a younger counterpart finds so. So, feed a geriatric cat food that has strong aroma. To make a particular food’s taste come alive, warm it a little. However, don’t heat the food more than your cat’s body temperature.


Another factor that is of primary importance while deciding what to feed a geriatric cat is digestibility. If a geriatric cat finds it difficult to digest a particular food, in time it will be averse to it. To make sure your cat can digest its food well, provide food that can be easily chewed as well as swallowed.


Just as factors like taste and digestibility are important, so is nutrition. The immune response in cats slows down as they get older. To make sure the immune response in your geriatric cat does not deteriorate rapidly, provide kitty a nutrient-rich diet. Potassium, taurine and protein, among other nutrients, play an important role in a geriatric cat’s diet.

Water intake

The other factor that deserves notice when you are feeding a geriatric cat is the water intake. Just as the taste response in a cat lessens as it grows older, so does the thirst response. So, don’t be surprised to find kitty show no interest in its bowl of water. However, this means only that you will have to take greater effort to feed a geriatric cat more water. You must remember that chronic dehydration can actually worsen a disease that your cat may already be suffering from.

The Keys To Care For Pet Cat

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

If you are looking for a pet that has its own mind, that is independent, but who is extremely loving at the same time, then a cat may be the perfect pet for you. They require fairly little maintenance compared to a dog, and they also provide plenty of love and affection-often following you around from room to room. Cats can be much more independent than dogs, but in both cases, both will return the affection you show them in spades. When it comes to the large variety of breeds, you can choose from, some are definitely more common than others are and there are certain breeds that make better pets than others do. These include:

The Persian: The Persian cat is by far the most popular pet cat in America. Hardly anybody can resist its laid-back temperament and its extremely affectionate personality. Out of all of the different breeds, this one seems to form the strongest loyal bonds with its owners and despite their daily grooming needs they do make the best pets for many cat lovers.

The Maine Coon : The Maine Coon is a large cat and it has a really affectionate nature. They are extremely gentle and they love being around people. Whilst their coats are quite long, they do not require as much grooming as a Persian cat does. Overall, they are gentle giants in the cat world and they have remained the second most popular cat in America for years now.

The Exotic: This breed of cat is generally considered to be a shorthaired version of the Persian and cat lovers like them due to the fact that they are easier to groom. The breed looks particularly sweet and innocent and it is definitely a favorite amongst cat lovers. So, those are the top three breeds within America and they are all extremely affectionate and loving. The main thing to keep in mind is that no matter which breed you decide upon, they all need some form of grooming and looking after.

All cats need some form of grooming no matter what breed you finally purchase. Obviously shorthaired cats will need less grooming than longhaired breeds so that could be a factor in your decision when purchasing your pet cat. Longhaired breeds generally need to be groomed daily, though it is always a good idea to research your individual breed. For example, the Persian needs a lot of grooming and it definitely needs doing daily, whereas the Maine Coon, who is another breed with longer hair, needs less grooming. So, research your breed and ensure that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

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